Table Saw Miter Setting Gage

Table saw users, this is a must have item. It will change the way you feel about your saw. If you have ever been disapointed cutting angles with your saw its because your miter gage was not set correctly. This master setting gage is designed to set the miter gage on a table saw to cut 12 or 24 segments. This gage is cut out of solid aluminum the angle is accurate within -+ 25 arc seconds.  To use the gage just put the angle against the saw blade and slide the miter up to the gage and tighten the miter gage. This gage was designed for people that do segment turning we are making other gage 45, 22.5 or any size you request. I was amazed at how accurate this makes your miter gage. The picture shows the 24 segments glued together. THIS IS ALSO GOOD TO SETUP YOUR JOINER

Please take a look at our video.



4 SEG. 45 DEG. --6 SEG. 30 DEG.       GAUGE # 3


8 SEG. 22.5 DEG. --10 SEG. 18 DEG.   GAUGE # 2


12 SEG. 15 DEG. -- 24 SEG. 7.5 DEG.  GAUGE # 1


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This is a copy of an email we recieved recently about the gauge.


"I just have three words for you guys:  


I come to find out my high dollar miter fence is a degree off.   Thanks!"


Table Saw Miter Setting Gage
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